Tokyo Previews
- 10'Scapes - in Black and White -
by Rob van der Bijl, April 2008 - March 2009

Prologue ...
of our 'Urban Landscape' project. Ten 'Scapes represent the very first ideas on a series of manga inspired graphics showing Tokyo as a melting pot of urban landscapes.

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1. Roppongi View




2. Tokyo Riverscape




3. Tokyo Townscape




4. Shibuya "The Prime"




5. Ueno OICITY




6. Akawara Wires and Tracks




7. Shibuya Roofscape




8. Shimokitazawa Streetlife




9. Ueno Gaia




10. Shibuya Strawberry Club


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All images non-printable; 75 dpi, 400x400 px
(C) Rob van der Bijl (RVDB), Amsterdam/Tokyo, April 2008 - March 2009

Project updates: January 2018, June 2020