Urban Landscape Project

At that moment, in Paris reveals cities as they are represented in comics and manga all over the world. It is part of our urban landscape project:
An introduction to comics as means of urban investigation - since 1997, e.g. including issues published in the Dutch magazine for landscape architecture and urban planning Blauwe Kamer.

Comics disclose urban landscapes as they are, and as they are perceived. Comics reveal the reality of cities, of perceptions of everyday urban existence. Comics constitute perceived realities. They allow us to grasp urban life, to understand it. To taste urban flavour and imagine urban noises and vibrations.
In his project ‘Urban Landscape’ Rob van der Bijl explores the analytical power of comics. This is not a well-planned, top-down approach, nor a scientific exercise. But it is a bottom-up, opportunistic use of comics as heuristic tool, that allows creative explorations of urban landscape.
Tokyo serves as the project’s topic of investigation. This metropolis is a true laboratory of urbanism. Tokyo is a melting pot of urban landscapes, and world capitol of comics and ‘manga’.


The project is now well advanced, including exhibitions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Download the brochure here… (Tokyo ‘Scape 2020).



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